The vineyards

The soil on which our grapes are cultivated, boast a particular argillaceous nature rich in minerals and micro-elements assumption irrimissible for a quality wine.

The climate generally temperate, favours the correct vegetative development of the wines and thanks to the strong late summer thermic drop, aromatic and overwhelmling substances are developed in the grapes.

We have always taken scrupolous care of our vineyards where we adopt innovative techniques aimed to sacrifice quantity in favour of quality.

The wine

“Wine is composed of mood and light”

Galileo Galilei

Thanks to the argillaceous nature of the soil, our wine boasts an extraordinary richness of scents and tastes. Our production includes wine of sublime and renewed tradition adapted to satisfy all tastes:

red wines, white wines, rosè wines sparkling wines and champagnes.

The personal care of every detail is the guarantee of our product.

The Family

Furlan winery has been operating in Malintrada in Motta di Livenza since the beginning of 1900. It was started by grandfather Pietro and handed over to his son Antonio until today, continued by his nephew, Giuliano. Today, at the third generation, the winery boasts a solid experience and effort for the success of its product.

The canteen is equipped with modern technology, knowing that nothing can substitute nature and that the only fundamental ingredients remain good quality grapes and passion.

The wine, for our winery, is not the wine in itself but the expression of the territory, the recovery of our identity and origin.

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